Application - Donald McDonald | Accepted

  • Community name: MrMatinh

    Historical name [choose a combination from]: Donald McDonald

    NW GUID [needed for certain tournaments; you can join Groupfighting_Server to obtain it]: 1214952

    Steam profile:

    Age: 19

    Place of residence: Poland

    Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a working microphone?: Yes

    Why do you want to join the 91st?: Movement <3

    Prior regimental experience:

    5pp - NCO

    7pp - Sgt

    Spartans - Helot

    16pp - NCO

    1pp - CdtGren

    12pp - Col

    4pp - Mjr

    Do you accept the Code of Conduct?: Yes.

  • Congratulations on being accepted as a member of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders. You are required to add all leadership on Steam [91st] Charles MacDonald and [91st] Fwuffy <3 lonedoge and to accept the invites to the Steam groups. Go read the Regimental Guidebook, You are also required to add all the moderators of the regimental Steam group, these are your NCOs.

    The 91st TeamSpeak IP can be found at - make sure you join with the tags 91st_Rec_Forename_Surname and bookmark the server. You are to use those same tags in-game, along with the Scottish banner, which can be found on the last page.

    Make sure you read through the Code of Conduct once more, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to message a CO or NCO on Steam.


    Captain James Love